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Ricci is a leading real estate group, headquartered in Moscow, providing brokerage, consulting, development and investments services in Russia as well as emerging markets around the world.


Our team provides best-in-class services across all areas of real estate including development, asset management and investment.

Group of companies

Since 2005, we have provided advisory, transactional and investment advice to more than 200 hundred private and corporate clients in Russia. We have been involved in developing trophy assets in both commercial and residential real estate across Russia, and have executed the largest ever leasing and acquisition transactions in the Moscow office and residential markets. Today Ricci is a trusted partner in real estate with 18 years’ successful track record.

Vladimir Avdeev

Managing Partner

Alexey Bogdanov

Managing Partner

Our clients

We Know the Market

Every quarter, Ricci analysts release research reports on Moscow's commercial real estate market. The analysis includes an overview of the current situation and future forecasts.

How We Help

We specialize in all market segments, and our expertise extends beyond residential or commercial property selection. Each time, we delve into our clients' businesses, finding effective solutions based on long-term organizational development strategies.

Property selection

We work directly with owners, helping them determine asset value/rental rates and attracting tenants. With an extensive database of properties, we can find suitable options for each client.

Transaction Support

Real estate transactions are complex and lengthy processes that require multi-party agreement, which can take from a few weeks to several years. Entrust it to us.

Asset Disposition

Finding reliable tenants/buyers and negotiating desirable commercial terms is the main hurdle when selling/leasing real estate. But our specialists enjoy doing this work.

Consulting and Valuation

We help build effective strategies based on analysis of market supply and demand, studying the competitive environment and prospects of the area, creating consumer profiles, and conducting SWOT analysis of the project. Our consulting expertise is supported by quarterly research conducted on average market rental rates and selling prices rates for commercial real estate, including all listings in different market segments.

Project management

Our experts coordinate contractors daily and monitor implementation at every stage. It all starts with exploring project possibilities and concepts, followed by design, organizing tender procedures, coordinating documentation, executing construction and finishing works, and finally, delivering the property, setting it up, and assisting with client relocation.

Property management

We work with real estate properties at all stages of their life cycle, from formation/concept creation, design, construction, and operation to project sales. Our main focus is on medium and large shopping centers and business centers. Our project portfolio includes over 600,000 square meters of commercial real estate. Our team consists of certified specialists with over 15 years of experience in the commercial real estate market.

M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)

We conduct research and evaluation of counterparties while simultaneously analyzing the entire market. We take control of reputation and PR support during the merger or acquisition process. Our experience and understanding of the "laws and rules of the game" allow us to exceed initial expectations.

Consulting and Research

How to increase business efficiency in real estate? We help transforming land plots and real estate properties into products that are in high demand by buyers, tenants, and investors in the current market.

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