Research & Development Consulting

How to increase business efficiency in real estate?

We help transforming-land plots and real estate assets into products that are in high demand by buyers, tenants, and investors in the current market.

This effect is achieved through a deep understanding of demand at the moment and in the future, the application of effective technical solutions for sites and projects, combined with auditing the financial and legal agreements of project partners – owners, tenants, and financial institutions.


Our Unique Competencies

Work Geography: - Database of 4000 properties in Moscow. - Projects in 120 cities across Russia. Experience in Specialized Segments: - Top-3 team in apartment sales. - Industrial-warehouse asset development practice. - Accompaniment and coordination of urban planning concepts.

Analysis of Real Estate Asset's Highest and Most Efficient Use.

Analyzing the best and most efficient use represents finding a development solution that maximizes the market value of the asset and the developer's investment results, given technical feasibility and legal permissibility.

Concept Development.

Development of strategies for large territories (master plans).

Development of trade and service infrastructure concepts with detailed planning.

Development of re-conception/renovation of functionally or physically outdated assets.

Project Strategy Development

Project Design Support.

Express analysis. Investment memorandum. Full business plan for your real estate company.

Portfolio Solution Analysis.

Analysis of the investor's profile and selection of real estate investment solutions.

Portfolio selection by investors’ profile.

Criteria for project selection when creating and monitoring the real estate portfolio.

Valuation and surveying services.

Why do clients opt for property valuation and audit with Ricci?

Ricci's experts have experience in assessing various segments of real estate, movable property, and businesses, confirmed by relevant qualifications.

Our team's specialists have worked on projects related to valuation in 120 regions of Russia, as well as in Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Montenegro, and other foreign countries.

We apply the Federal Standards for Appraisal of the Russian Federation, international IVS and RICS standards, also providing our international clients with the opportunity to assess assets in Russia in partnership with international experts, making our reports legitimate in the Russian and international markets.

Our team

Jana Kuzina

Ricci | Consulting and valuation

Evgeniya Butovtsova

Head of analytics
Ricci | Consulting and valuation

Aleksandr Kupin

Ricci | Consulting and valuation

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