Project management

We provide a full range of construction management services as well as engineering support of construction works

Project management requires constant monitoring and control over the execution of processes.


Our experts coordinate the efforts of contractors on a daily basis and monitor implementation at every stage.


It all starts with looking at the concept and design capabilities, followed by the design, the organization of bidding procedures, having the documentation approved, the execution of construction and installation works as well as fit-out, and finally the project commissioning, its furnishing and the client’s move.

How do we manage projects?

The Ricci team’s mission is to safeguard the Client’s best interests against sometimes amateurish and unscrupulous practices adopted by the project stakeholders. Our clients can always choose the service that best suits their purposes by ordering a tailor-made turnkey solution or taking advantage of our peer reviews.

Construction and repair

Today, virtually all construction companies employ unskilled labour to carry out construction and installation work, so the issue of quality performance is particularly acute. We supervise the contractor and guarantee our clients that their financial and operational interests are respected – whether during greenfield development, renovation or interior fit-out of existing facilities (brownfield projects). Working with Ricci is your assurance that the project is managed throughout the entire design and construction cycle to achieve maximum commercial efficiency and viability.


During construction or renovation, it is important to understand the costs involved very precisely and, where possible, to seek their reduction. Quite often, an estimate submitted for approval may have a list of overpriced items, a number of unaccounted mandatory expenditures or, alternatively, a list of unnecessary works for a given construction project. Improperly prepared or inadequately checked estimates may result in higher costs, longer delivery times, or even project freezing. Ricci specialists will help you identify overpricing or exaggerated work volumes and will offer you solutions to reduce the cost of construction, refurbishment or repair. If you so desire, our consultants can help you implement new technologies and systems to maximize the use of workspace available. This is especially important in offices, with the trend towards flexible spaces that meets the needs of today’s employees and help to enhance their performance.

Managing the lease

One of the aims of lease management is to slash costs. To keep costs down, our experts will analyze the terms of your leases and propose alternatives that reflect the current market dynamics and realities. We will assess if the terms of your lease agreement match your demand for space and will help you figure out how to reduce the costs when expanding your business by relocating or renegotiating the terms. We will administer your leases so that you can keep your finger on the pulse and manage your leases as effectively as possible. This approach will enable you to cut risk and control your compliance with current regulatory accounting requirements.

Facility management

Any building management strategy includes a number of items: taking energy saving measures, developing a plan to optimize operating expenses, implementing a plan for running repairs and overhauls, on-site inspections, organizing a system of logging tenant applications, etc. We also interact with contractors, insurance companies, brokers, and government agencies on behalf of the client. However, while working on the strategy for each individual building, we do not overlook innovations to make your business even better and more profitable. After all, quality premises meeting modern-day requirements will attract and retain reliable tenants on terms that will benefit you immensely.

Our team

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Deputy Director Ricci | Offices, Owner Relations

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Head of Project Promotion
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Managing Partner

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