Office Real Estate Experts

We have been providing comprehensive support for office real estate deals since 2005.

Experts in the office sector of the Ricci ecosystem will analyze your request and prepare relevant options based on all characteristics: location, property class, condition of engineering systems, condition of premises (with or without finishes), and analysis of available infrastructure.

We will find the best options for efficient business operations and share the expertise of the Ricci ecosystem.

How We Help

Over the past 17 years, every 2nd major deal has been concluded with our participation. Today, our database consists of more than 2,500 active office offerings.

For over 15 years, we have been helping find the best solutions for office real estate, even in challenging economic situations. Your request is a specific case, unlike any other. You set the task, and our experts take the lead, leveraging the resources of the entire ecosystem. We help companies find new and more efficient solutions or renegotiate conditions for your current "headquarters"; relocate to a new office, and most importantly, optimize expenses on its rent. The result of our collaboration is your ability to quickly and effectively achieve new business objectives.

Office Space Selection

We work directly with property owners, helping them determine asset value/rental rates and fill the building with tenants. With an extensive database of properties, we can find suitable options for each client.

Transaction Support

Closing deals for office real estate is a complex and time-consuming process. It requires extensive coordination, which can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several years. Leave it to us.

Consulting and Assessment

We assist in developing effective strategies based on analysis of market supply and demand, tenant and buyer preferences, competitive environment, neighborhood prospects, consumer profiling, and project SWOT analysis. Our analysts conduct quarterly research on average market conditions and rates for your property and the overall commercial real estate market segment.

Our team

Dmitry Zhidkov

Partner Ricci | Offices

Dmitry Antonov

Director for Sales and Acquisitions

Anton Gryaznov

Deputy Director Ricci | Offices, Owner Relations

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