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Real estate investment deals come with many risks and complexities, including government regulations and land rights issues.


Drawing on our extensive successful experience:

We will provide comprehensive support in real estate transaction support

Help minimize risks and increase investment project efficiency

How We Help

Ricci confidently holds leading positions in the Russian M&A market in real estate investments.

The main directions of our M&A practice include: business sales or acquisitions, restructuring of companies, establishment of joint ventures, analysis of business valuation, and finding available sources of financing in the real estate sector.

The knowledge and experience of our consultants will ensure a comprehensive approach in deal support, and our wide specialization and creative approach will enable us to offer individual solutions for successfully closing deals of any complexity.

Project identification and negotiation initiation

- IIdentifying assets (target companies) in accordance with the potential investor's request and initiating relevant negotiations - Identifying potential investors for an asset or portfolio of assets in accordance with the seller's request and initiating relevant negotiations. -Developing a strategy for bringing assets to the market / closed sales.

Deal support

We provide services for selling/purchasing/restructuring businesses, as well as establishing joint ventures: - Conducting comprehensive due diligence on the target object and its rights (due diligence). - Deal structuring. - Developing a step-by-step action plan for the deal. - Drafting term sheets and contractual documentation for the deal. - Formulating negotiation positions and preparing the client for negotiations. - Participating in negotiations at all stages of deal support (including with credit institutions). - Assisting in reconciling deal terms between parties.

Construction concept analysis

- Analysis of the location and competitive environment of the site/project. - Analysis of existing and prospective infrastructure opportunities. - Development of a feasibility study, technological and price audit. - Expertise of the uniqueness of the business concept. - Comprehensive analysis of technical and financial risks. - Development of financial models. - Evaluation of the investment project budget. - Independent appraisal and market analysis. - Formation of an investment strategy and search for investment opportunities.

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