Experts in premium real estate

We will find the best offer for you, based on your needs and objectives, in modern residential real estate projects.

We are engaged in the selection of elite, premium-grade and business-class units both in new builds and in the secondary market.


Our team are among the leading realty agents in Moscow and the Moscow region.


We focus on two things: ongoing search, best offers and deals available, and customer service.


We will select the property that meets your preferences and even exceeds your expectations. We will provide you with the most complete information about the properties, organize viewings and provide legal support at all stages of the transaction.

The way we help

The brokers of Ricci | Premium are able to understand the task at hand as accurately as possible and will pick only those options that deserve your attention and time and that fully meet your needs.
Depending on the request, and the purpose of the acquisition, the available information will be analyzed with a focus on detail, as this allows the most accurate selection of offers and exclusion of time-wasting viewings.
Close contact with our partners, with access to over 120 projects of Business, Premium and Deluxe grades in central Moscow to choose from, make us knowledgeable enough to find a solution for every need; we guarantee that you’ll be updated in a timely manner on new lots and prospective projects.

Monitoring of new projects

We are always in regular contact with our partners, keeping track of new projects emerging. We constantly analyze the competition and monitor new urban development projects and existing urban infrastructure. This enables our clients to make informed choices and clearly understand the potential of each individual offer.

Sales start

The main request of a modern private investor is the opportunity to enter a project as early as possible. Prices for lots at their very initial stages are usually the best ones. Long before any projects in Business, Premium and Deluxe classes are launched, depending on the objective, we help our client prepare for the start of sales, which allows them to be among the first on the market.

Exclusive offers

You may always get familiar with exclusive lots from our investors – unique offers in new builds, up to 20% below current market prices.

0% commission

Ricci | Premium customers benefit from a full range of services free of charge. Our commission is already built into the developer’s marketing budget.

Our team

Evgeniy Sugrobov

Сommercial director
Ricci | Residential

Denis Lozinskiy

Director for Sales
Ricci | Residential

Irina Barysheva

Development director
Ricci | Residential

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