Experts in real estate investments

We will help you find the most suitable investment asset, especially during periods of economic instability.

The cost of entry into the market for investors is high, and so is the price of mistakes.


Reliable market information is necessary to manage risks.


Using our extensive database of properties and closely collaborating with key market participants, we assist our clients in forming an accurate market picture based on real transactions.

How do we help with investing?

Our consultants will help you navigate the variety of assets and choose the most suitable one based on your input: asset liquidity, return expectations, risk analysis, competitive environment, rental rates that will impact cash flow and, consequently, the asset's value, and more.

Our knowledge and experience will allow you to maximize the potential of the property, develop an up-to-date concept, and attract new tenants to increase capitalization.

Asset selection for sale and acquisition

The market offers numerous options, from simple commercial spaces (office, warehouse, or retail) to ready-to-rent businesses (RRB) where you acquire a property already occupied by tenants.

PPractice shows that RRB is one of the most profitable and secure investment methods. RRB can include small-scale properties (apartments, office spaces, or street retail), large business centers, warehouse complexes, retail sites, as well as land plots.

To choose the optimal option, prospective investors need to define their goals and budget size and build a financial model. This requires a broad market expertise.


Ricci consultants have direct connections with state and private banks with Russian and Western sources of capital, various investment funds, and private investors, greatly facilitating the search process.

Regardless of the project's scale, complexity, and level of development, we develop an effective financing strategy for it.

We assist our clients - developers, builders, property owners - in formulating an investor profile and attracting financing in various forms: equity or co-investment; project financing; credit financing; mixed financing; refinancing.

Investment consulting

Ricci's tactic involves continuous dialogue and maintaining contact with major investors. Thanks to continuous communication and market monitoring, we always stay at the center of events and know how to make your business efficient even in the most challenging conditions.

We offer our clients unique opportunities for structuring investment deals and attracting capital, including international capital.

The Ricci consultant team will help you overcome all difficulties: select the appropriate asset and determine the investment scheme, create a capital movement forecast, develop a business plan and project feasibility study, as well as optimize current investments.

Investment strategy

Professional expertise in the real estate and capital market is what helps us develop our own business plan and investment strategy for each client.

A well-crafted investment strategy, whether long-term or short-term, ensures the safety and profitability of investments. It defines the project budget, risks, and payback periods, as well as the level of investor involvement in the process.

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